Value Based Pricing:
The Hidden Key To Success

The vital course for all brands looking to unlock greater
profit and leverage the benefits of better pricing.
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Value-Based Pricing Strategies for B2B

In this course, SPMG Global pricing experts and consultants will share with you practical processes, guidelines, and tools to design and implement a successful value-based pricing strategy in which all departments in your company are involved and aligned. You will learn with examples from industry and will work with your peers on practical case studies.

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Program Journey - What to expect

In today's dynamic business landscape, crafting an effective pricing strategy is crucial for maximizing profits and ensuring long-term sustainability. SPMG Global presents an intensive course that equips you with the knowledge and tools necessary to develop and execute a successful value-based pricing strategy. This course goes beyond traditional pricing models by focusing on aligning all departments within your organization and fostering a holistic approach to pricing.

Day 1

Where is Pricing today?
■ Increasing investment in Pricing
■ Role of Data and AI
■ Tools and Software
■ Alignment of regional and global pricing corridor
■ Centralized vs. Local/regional price management – what is the best approach?
Know your value – Product and Services
■ Foundations of value – understand your customer needs, differentiate and position your offering, and price accordingly
■ Economic value estimation – what is the customer’s willingness to pay for your product/ service?
■ Price value mapping – framework used for positioning your product/service vs. competition
Importance of Value-Based Pricing
■ Why is pricing important?
■ Impact of improving your pricing?
■ Pricing dilemma: revenue vs. profits?
■ Different types of pricing – Pros and Cons
■ How is value-based pricing different from cost-plus pricing?
■ Pricing metrics – what does the customer buy rather than what you sell.
Value-Based selling and negotiations
■ Optimize your profits and revenues according to buyer behaviour
■ Pricing strategies across the product lifecycle: Neutral, penetration, and skimming pricing strategies
■ Moving from Cost-Plus To Value-Based Pricing
■ Value-based business
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Day 2

Pricing analytics – Internal perspective
■ The Pricing process audit
■ From data to decision
■ The 80:20 rule
■ Customer-centric pricing and product development
■ True differentiation – create unique products
■ Decision tree analysis
■ Waterfall analysis
■ Customer segmentation
Pricing analytics – External perspective
■ Positioning your product
■ Internal analysis and stakeholder management
■ Qualitative Research
■ Quantitative Research
■ External Analysis
Direct Techniques
- Market Research
- Price Metering
- Price Laddering
- Economic Value Estimation
Indirect Techniques
- MaxDiff
- Conjoint Analysis
- Which Techniques to use & when?
Pricing Tools and Software
■ Increasing investment in Pricing
■ Role of Data and AI
■ Tools and Software
■ Alignment of regional and global pricing corridor
■ Centralized vs. Local/regional price management – what is the best approach?
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Key Takeaways

- Develop a value-based pricing strategy for your products and services with practical guidance from pricing experts

- Design and build a differentiated product portfolio by understanding customer’s willingness to pay and quantifying customer value

- Understand and implement practical pricing processes and tools to optimise revenue and profits

- Increase your sales force’s efficiency and ability to negotiate better deals and sell value

- Learn about how the latest tools and software help your organization drive pricing and profitability

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The training programme exceeded our
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